It is natural and common for us to experience some emergencies especially if we are experiencing some natural hazards like calamities or strong rain and typhoon during the rainy season. Of course, even we say that we are prepared for this one, there will be some time that you would not expect that there will be a shortage about this. It would be worst if you don’t have anything to eat during this time and you don’t know where to go as you could not go out of the house. It is fine if you are just looking for some water as you could get it from your new water heater installation as it safe to drink and to use.  

You need to get the best source of the water in order to avoid dehydration as it may cause death and problems in your body if you would not drink. You need to make sure as well that you are going to drink the safe one and not the contaminated kind of water like in the bathroom or dirty water. There are many ways to find some water in your house as long as you would stay calm and think about the different ways in a better and nice way. You could read some of the things here below as it could help you during the time of the calamity and when you are not feeling great because of water 

There will be some place where you could get the water like the ice cubes from the refrigerator or fridge that you have in your house, apartment or office building. All you have to do is to let the ice cubes to melt so that you could drink it and it is safe because we used to have the ice. It would take a bit time before you can drink this one as you need to melt the ice first into the water and then you are ready to go.  

If there could be some water pipes in your house then you could use this one to get the source of the water and you would be able to survive. Others would consider about the water in the tank as they could use this one to be a potable one for drinking and use for cooking some food or meals.  

Of course, you need to avoid some water source that is not going to be safe like the water from your water bed as it contains harmful types of chemicals. Many people depend to the river and to the lake long time ago as their main source of water and they use it for drinking and cooking the foods there. Make sure that you’re going to boil the water before taking it in or use them for the foods in order to remove the germs and bacteria from the water. Others would even put some chemicals in order to kill those types of germs in the water and make this one safe for drinking.